Diane Moalem

Group Head of Operations

Diane is the Group Head of Operations of ROAM Africa. She brings diversified experience in digital from corporates, SMEs, and start-ups. Bolstered with an MBA at the University of Cape Town in 2017 and specialisation courses at Kellogg Business School, she brings a distinctive skillset to the team. She leads our businesses through data driven customer-first operations.

What are you passionate about?

Leveraging the power of technology to enable economic opportunity, boundless knowledge distribution, and social connection on the world’s fastest growing continent.

Management Team

ROAM Africa is led by a multidisciplinary senior management team with extensive experience leading digital transformation in Africa.

Matthew Hood
Head of Product
Herbert Pasipamire
Group Chief Financial Officer
Diane Moalem
Group Head of Operations
Hilda Kragha
M.D. Jobs