Are You Paying The Right Price For Your Vehicle?

Choosing the right car can be an overwhelming journey. Further adding to the complexity is knowing whether you are paying too much (or too little) for the right car and knowing whether you are getting a good deal or not.

These are some of the tricky questions car buyers encounter when they are in the purchasing period. We can all agree, getting value for our money is paramount at any purchase, more importantly purchasing a vehicle. 

Good news! Following our vision to be a 100% customer focused marketplace, Cheki have introduced a TruePrice tool on their platforms. Now available in Kenya and Nigeria, the tool mines historical data, giving you the power to rank vehicles’ pricing from the comfort of your phone or laptop!

How cool is that? Next time you are thinking of knowing the price of that dream car or next ride, Cheki have got you covered. We understand there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there as to what you should expect to pay and if the price is right.

The tool gives you a neutral platform to shed some light on a fair price for a variety of makes and models while backed up by reliable data. We will let you know whether you are getting that deal you have been looking for, or whether it could be too good to be true.  Using the Cheki True Price tool will save you a lot of headache (and heartache).

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