About Us

This is ROAM Africa

Our Purpose

We transform Africa by connecting people to opportunities and empowering them to make the best decision at crucial stages of your life. Whether it is buying a car, buying a house, furnishing your home or finding your next job – our platforms empower each individual to find the best possible solution.

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Find a Job
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Rent A House
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Our core beliefs

At ROAM we believe that Africa has a bright future!
We believe in the power of disruptive digital forces and that we cannot idly wait for others to bring positive change to our markets.
We believe building a great business starts with building trust and putting customers first.
We believe that diversity and inclusion make the world a better place and the right people are our most important foundation.​

Management Team

ROAM Africa is led by a multidisciplinary senior management team with extensive experience leading digital transformation in Africa.

Elizabeth Costabir
CEO BuyRentKenya & Pigiame
Mamadou Ndoye
CEO Expat-Dakar.com
Herbert Pasipamire
Group Chief Financial Officer
Hilda Kragha
CEO of The African Talent Company (TATC)

ROAM operates strong market leaders

Powerhouse African-founded brands with pioneers like BrighterMonday Kenya launching in 2006. The ROAM group is an online stalwart with dynamic ecosystems shaping the way the digital economy operates.


We connect employers with vacancies to job seekers through listings, matching, and HR solutions.


We enable B2C and C2C advertising and escrow transactions of retail products through listings and branding opportunities.


For all your property needs, we connect estate agents and developers with property seekers through listings and branding opportunities.

Our Market Impact

We are providing much more than transactions.

We are proud to drive industry evolution through digitisation and transparency along key decision points in people's lives from career changes, to a first car, and a forever home.


Job applications across 41k jobs in 2020
0 m
Tangibly impacting employment and thus economic impact through increased productivity


Per listing in 2021, mostly between customer to customer (C2C)
0 leads
Empowering customers through decentralised traditional economic structures


Increase in listings since 2019 showing migration from offlient online property search
0 %
Digitising and democratising the property industry

Africa can capitalise on the digital rise, to work around the lacking legacy infrastructure while nurturing the tremendously entrepreneurial African spirit. This will help combat the current daily challenges around trust and transparency. Our markets are ripe for digital transformation and we are committed to driving that.