Hilda Kragha

M.D. Jobs

Hilda is the MD for Jobs at ROAM Africa. She has a decade of global consulting experience, with extensive experience in human capital development all across Africa. Prior to joining ROAM, Hilda was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey’s and Company’s Lagos office, focusing on strategy, human capital and organisational behavior. She has a Law degree from the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth and an MBA from IESE business school in Spain. Hilda is also an avid writer and blogs on instagram @modernafricanmother

What are you passionate about?

As somebody who identifies with East, West and South Africa, I am passionate about using technology to bridge the divide across African regions and specifically to increase democratic access to opportunities for all Africans

Management Team

ROAM Africa is led by a multidisciplinary senior management team with extensive experience leading digital transformation in Africa.

Clemens Weitz
Group CEO
Matthew Hood
Head of Product
Brenna Excell
M.D. Consumer Classifieds
Heather O'Shea
Group Head H.R.
Herbert Pasipamire
Group Chief Financial Officer
Diane Moalem
Group Head of Operations
Hilda Kragha
M.D. Jobs