User Reviews Are Now Available For Cheki Nigeria

At ROAM we are shifting our gears into focusing on our users with the key vision of becoming African most user-centric marketplace in Africa. This means having the users’ best interest in mind at all times. What a better way to ensure this than giving our users a platform to voice their feedback? Cheki brand finally launched users cars reviews. This means users can now simply go to the Cheki website, click on “user review” on the top navigation bar and write their reviews.

The feature not only allows for an overall star and text based rating of the vehicle, but it also allows users to rate the car at a more granular level with star ratings for a specific attribute such as reliability, performance, drive comfort running cost and style.

As a user-centric business, Cheki identified user reviews as a feature that equips potential car buyers with more knowledge and information. Since reviews are a type of user generated content, it also aids with Search Engine Optimisation.

Cheki believes ratings and reviews are often consulted by consumers and have a great influence on the people’ decision-making process. In fact, a study from TurnTo shows that user generated content tops marketing tactics by influencing 90 per cent of shoppers’ purchasing decision. This is because user reviews are authentic, trusted and work as a great social proof.

Shoppers in the African continent are becoming more and more sophisticated, they insist on engaging online experiences, and it is Cheki’s belief to strive towards ensuring its users’ needs are fulfilled.

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