We are Bold, We are Better and We will shine Brighter.

ROAM Jobs team have stepped out in colour and have a reinvigorated message for our market, with a clear focus on the B2B / employer segment.

Why are we doing this?

  • We want to reinvigorate our brands.
  • We want to clearly communicate our value proposition, so both we and our users understand clearly what we do.

We Guarantee our Users the Best Match™

This is our key value proposition to the employer market.  What this means is that we can give an employer the best tools and platform to get the right fit, faster.  We can say this because we believe we are the BEST!

When we say we are the best, we mean:

  • We have the Best matching capability, ensuring employers get connected with the right seekers.
  • We have the Best reach, with the largest candidate databases and extended network.
  • We have the Best prices, offering best-in-class value for money solutions.
  • We have the Best solutions for our employers and seekers, offering a bespoke mix of do-it-yourself and assisted HR solutions.
  • We are the Best recruitment and career services platform in our respective markets! 

We are letting the market and the world know in clear terms and we have designed a new product mix and campaign that will help us achieve this!

Our revised product mix gives employers the best chances for success.

We introduced and revamped a few products to better align with our key message and value propositions:

Job Listing (revised)

Employers list their jobs on our platform and the applications come in for them to sort and screen.

Best Match (new) 

We use our proprietary technology and dedicated support structures to find employers the best-matched candidates for their advertised job. We sort and prioritise the volume of candidates they receive, matching them with the best fit, faster. Best Match will prioritise up to 10 best matches within the first 7 days of their Job Listing going live.

Pro-Recruit (revised)

Our recruitment professionals do most of the recruitment work for the employer, providing them with 5 candidates in 5 working days, so all the employer needs to do is final interviews and hire.  

Job Boost (new/revised)

Job Boost gives up to 3x the applications with bold, prominent positioning of the employers’ Job Listing or Best Match on our websites and social media platforms.

Talent Search (new)

The user gets full, unrestricted search access to our database of quality talent through our Talent Search Tool – for their whole team. They can search, check profiles,  cross-reference CVs, batch download of Profiles + CVs & more!

Subscriber Packages (new)

Subscription packages are for employers with a steady stream of sourcing requirements.  The employer can get significant discounts when they bulk buy any of the Job listing, Best Match or Pro-recruit packages, as well as a Customer Success Manager to help make their recruitment process smoother and to support them with the use of our industry-leading tools.

Our new product mix offers the perfect blend of Do-it-Yourself and bespoke HR consultancy solutions that match an employers’ speed.

Our campaign is Bold, Better, Brighter.

Why Bold? 

This is a state of mind, we must be confident at all times of our value and communicate it boldly.

Why Better?

We must strive to give our users more than what they ask for, even when we are leading the pack.

Why Brighter?

Because if we are the best, we must let the whole world know about it!

Our aim is to alter the perception of our brands in the markets and reposition as the best recruitment platform in the region. We are doing this via clear expressions of our value propositions using more emotive copy and relatable imagery.

This campaign is both for our internal staff and external audience. Internally, we must first understand what we do, why we are better and translate that into everything we do. Externally, we are being very aggressive in promoting this new message… outdoor messaging, radio, events, press, etc.  I am sure some of you in the countries have seen the billboards, heard the jingles, scrolled through the digital ads, there is more to come.

What are we expecting?

GROWTH.  We want to grow our brands, we want to grow our businesses and we want to grow our customer satisfaction levels.

Tell your friends, colleagues and family, if they want the best and brightest candidates, they should use BrighterMonday and Jobberman, we guarantee them the Best Match.

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