Embracing technology in recruitment: the future is now!

Technology has completely revolutionised our way of life and has made all aspects of society more efficient and cost-effective. More importantly, it has enabled more transparency in different facets of our lives, made us more competitive and aided globalisation on a massive scale. 

The COVID pandemic turned out to be an even faster accelerator of change and saw the mass adoption of technology in different areas. 

In the job market, we have seen mass adoption of remote work with companies realising that their staff can be highly productive working from home while saving on time and resources incurred commuting. We are now seeing companies permanently adjusting their work-from-home policies post-lock-down and adopting “hybrid working models.”

Recruitment has equally seen many changes, employers are now adopting the use of technology to handle job applications, interviews and onboarding; which will have a positive effect on recruitment. 

As aforementioned, technology promotes transparency – in recruitment, it will promote merit-based placement of candidates and eliminate bias towards access to opportunities for job seekers. 

On the employer side, technology ensures that companies find the right talent and increase productivity by using various methods to weed out unqualified candidates. Furthermore, the efficiency associated with technology will enable hiring managers to screen and place candidates faster, enabling them to spend their time on growing their businesses without the fear of hiring wrong. 

A typical hiring manager can take anywhere from 4 – 10 days to screen applications depending on the size of the company and number of applicants, another week or two to create a shortlist for interviewing and testing. Technology hastens this process and makes hiring more efficient, and BrighterMonday Uganda is at the forefront of leveraging technology to improve recruitment processes. 

BrighterMonday’s platform uses intuitive Artificial Intelligence to screen, scan and categorize applications faster. Our platform offers all this through our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and world-renown assessment tools that test skill and competence to zero in on the best candidates – delivering results in significantly less time.   

We shorten a process that would take a month or two of man-hours and improve the turnaround time to 6 – 10 days and deliver a shortlist of candidates that is unbiased and based on competence and skill.  

On the side of the applicants, we recently revamped the jobseeker portal to give them more control and visibility through our digital resume. 

In addition to this, we also have tracking technology that notifies the candidate before they submit their application whether they are suitable depending on the job description and what they fill in their digital CV on the BrighterMonday Uganda platform. 

As technology becomes more pervasive in everything, we do include how we find and do our work; we must embrace it to enjoy the full benefits it brings and drive far more productivity than ever before. Technology is here to stay; we must utilise it adequately to improve business processes and increase equity in access to opportunities. 

Recruitment is a major business process that determines whether a company will be successful or not. A bad hire has mass repercussions for a business; therefore, it is imperative that companies adopt the right tools and approaches to this important process while managing costs and ensuring efficiency. BrighterMonday Uganda is well placed to aid businesses to hire the right people fast! 

Brian Ntambirweki is the CEO of BrighterMonday Uganda.
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