Jobberman leads Jobseekers onto desired Career Paths with Educational Drive

A campaign to highlight the potency of Jobberman Ghana’s seeker and matching systems has been announced.

Jobberman Ghana, the trusted name in recruitment, job placements and complete human resource solutions today announced that they are starting a drive to drum home how job seekers can take advantage of its varied suite of tools that match them with potential employers.

Called #SeizeYourNextOpportunity, it implores job seekers to tap into its growth opportunities in senior, experienced, skilful, qualified, top, prestigious, technical, lucrative, well-paid, and executive roles available on the market.

Targeting mainly qualified job seekers with 5+ years of experience, it seeks to encourage job seekers on how to get started while highlighting the benefits of its seeker platform and addressing their main pain points.

Jobberman says it believes in the efficacy of its network in Ghana and the sub-region, a growing portfolio as such, and confidence they will come in handy, adding the company has a track record of successfully placing qualified job seekers in high-quality roles and companies.

With a complete profile and active use of the seeker ecosystem, qualified job seekers will be first to know when top employers are hiring, stand out to these employers and get access to support tools and services that make them more robust candidates for these roles.

Job seekers will also be able to unlock notifications that tell them which employers are interested in downloading and shortlisting their profiles as well as those who have viewed, accepted or rejected your applications. They can also download a professionally designed and personalised CV, highlighting the areas that employers rate highly when choosing candidates.

With hundreds of tailored courses, Job seekers will also be able to take free personality tests and have access to a career centre, where they get regular insights on how to become better employees and how to advance their careers.

The platform can be accessed via

Jobberman Ghana is an online recruitment platform established in Ghana in 2012 to transform productivity in Ghana. Jobberman Ghana forms part of the investment portfolio of Ringier One Africa Media. Our vision is to be Ghana’s most user-centric and transparent career ecosystem, where we connect the right candidates with the right opportunities. We use a bespoke mix of human and automated solutions to match employers with the best candidates, so they can hire the right fit faster.  We are there for our users, every step of the way.

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