PigiaMe’s Online Market Day

PigiaMe has rolled out a successful inaugural user education campaign on Twitter. Trending under the hashtag #PigiaMeOnlineMarket day, the hashtag was among the top five in Kenya on Thursday 4th of March. The online event also saw buyers and sellers converge under the hashtag to trade. This was a first in Kenya, breaking with the tradition where online trade was treated with suspicion on Twitter and other social media channels.

With the Covid 19 pandemic changing the way kenyans buy and sell, online trading sites have witnessed a surge in users. New companies have been registered in droves, most of them as a result of traders trying to up their sales after reduction in footfall, people in employment looking to supplement their income or previously employed people venturing into business as a result of job losses. 

All these developments have however widened the knowledge gap on matters online trade as users try to navigate unfamiliar territories. This is the reason why PigiaMe, as an authority  in marketplaces, came up with this noble initiative to create a conversation on Twitter on this sensitive matter. The conversation will be very dynamic and will be taking place every first thursday of the month to educate buyers and sellers on how to navigate the online market space effectively and safely.

The inaugural PigiaMe online marketday was received warmly by the Kenyan online community famously known as #KOT (Kenyans On Twitter) – followed by millions-  with buyers expressing gratitude for the knowledge shared and sellers taking advantage of the visibility to sell.

The #PigiaMeOnlineMarketDay hashtag swiftly climbed up the top 10 Trending topics in Kenya and made it to number 1 with impressions exceeding 15 million.

Here what participants had to say: 

PigiaMe will definitely continue to shape the conversation on online marketplaces not only on Twitter but also other online platforms as well.


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