ROAM Africa Jobs Appoints Hilda Kabushenga Kragha as new Managing Director

09 September 2020 – ROAM Africa (Ringier One Africa Media) has announced the appointment of Jobberman Nigeria CEO, Hilda Kabushenga Kragha as the new Managing Director of ROAM Africa Jobs 

ROAM Africa’s Jobs brands are the dominant recruitment solutions platforms in Africa, including BrighterMonday in East Africa (focusing on Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) and Jobberman in West Africa (focusing on Nigeria and Ghana). Hilda takes over from Kwaku Agbesi, who chose to fully focus on his role as CEO of Jobberman Ghana and give his undivided attention to unearthing the big potential in his home country. Hilda will also join ROAM’s ExCo Team, making her the fourth woman on the seven-person team.

Kwaku on his move:

“After taking on the dual role (MD of Jobs and CEO of Jobberman Ghana) for the past two months, I have seen huge potential in Ghana and decided to focus on the CEO of Jobberman role by giving it my undivided attention to unearth the potential that my home country Ghana has. The plan is to make Ghana a leading country with increased revenue through both core products and partnerships.

It has been an absolute pleasure managing the Jobs business for the past seven months. Albeit a short period of time, I have been able to steady the ship, especially during a crisis. We introduced the free listings campaign, which has increased the liquidity across all platforms by three-fold and we have also seen a steady increase in upsells and revenue, as economic activity in most countries has started picking up.

I also want to wish Hilda all the best as she takes over as MD of Jobs. She has the right skill sets for the role and my unflinching support as she settles into the new role.”

Hilda on the outlook ahead:

“I am super excited to be taking on this role within the ROAM family. As somebody whose identity is deeply tied to both East and West Africa, I feel uniquely positioned and privileged to be leading ROAM Jobs to the next level. 

With the looming African Youth Bulge and all the other employment-related challenges the continent is facing, ROAM jobs have the ability to have a massive impact in the coming years by connecting Africans to jobs that will improve their livelihoods.

I look forward to working with you all as we bring this vision to life.”

Clemens, Group CEO ROAM Africa  also comments on the move:

“I applaud Kwaku’s decision to focus on the challenge that is closest to his heart and thank him for the good work. The exco team was fortunate to review multiple strong internal applications. Hilda’s passion, concise vision and most importantly capability to realize it clearly stood out.

This change greatly strengthens the leadership teams in Ghana and internationally. I am especially proud to have the majority of our exco team now chaired by strong female leaders – certainly an exception in Africa. I am looking into the future with optimism and excitement, and wish both Kwaku and Hilda best of success on their important missions.”

Hilda will take over the role from September. Her main focus will remain in Nigeria until the end of the year, whilst recruiting a successor in Nigeria, starting from January. She will also join ROAM’s Exco Team.


About ROAM Africa and ROAM Jobs

ROAM Jobs is part of the ROAM Africa Group (“Ringier One Africa Media”), the leading digital classifieds group in Sub-Saharan Africa. Unified by its mission to connect Africans to opportunities and be Africa’s most user-centric marketplace company, it operates across eight Sub-Saharan countries. ROAM Jobs operates in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana, with a multi-brand strategy, including Jobberman in West Africa and BrighterMonday in East Africa.

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