ROAM Jobs Triples Growth In Africa

ROAM Jobs reports a 250% increase of qualified applications in the last two years. This further cements ROAM Jobs’ market leadership of recruitment in Sub-Saharan Africa. The recent successes are a reflection of the value provided to both employers and jobseekers, as well as the deep bonds formed with industry associations during the last decade.

The ROAM Jobs brands are the dominant recruitment solutions platforms in Africa. Brightermonday in East Africa (focusing on Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) and Jobberman in West Africa (focusing on Nigeria and Ghana). The brands Jobberman and Brightermonday have built strong and leading number one market positions in each of their markets.

In the last two years, ROAM Jobs platforms have recorded more than 12 million users, more than 5 million Job applications and have facilitated access to more than 5,000 courses to help support and grow African talent. ROAM has the old and next generation of job seekers continuously engaging on their platforms, with over 70% of the users between 25 and 44 years of age and, impressively, an equal spread of male and female seekers across the continent. The growth and scale of the business is clearly demonstrated by the business having recently eclipsed close to 75,000 employers registered in its ecosystem.

ROAM jobs distinguishes itself from basic job listing boards through offering the greatest pool of candidates and also having the best matching capabilities on offer in Africa. Deeply understanding candidates and matching their skills and background to relevant employment requirements is a core focus of the businesses.

“Increasingly, delivering a large batch of disorganised and poorly written CVs to a client is not acceptable. Clients in Africa are demanding the right candidates and not just a lot of candidates. ROAM ensures that employers can seamlessly sort through applications, filter at ease and, most importantly, have a clear understanding of the behavioural and cognitive competency of the candidates that they ultimately shortlist to interview”, says Head of the Jobs Businesses, Matthew Page.

Brightermonday’s employer products and Jobberman’s employer products offer a host of testing products and bespoke shortlisting products that leave employers assured that the candidates are appropriately matched to the requirements for the role.

Interestingly, ROAM views the job seeker experience as a fundamental part of their business operations. According to Page, “Seekers are demanding transparency. For example: What does the job entail? How do I stack up? Has my application been processed? Most importantly: If I didn’t get the job, where should I improve?”

This is a fundamentally different way of engaging with the diverse and dynamic employment market in Africa and something that is clearly paying off as ROAM brands have built clear market leadership in Africa.

The importance of a transparent and efficient labor market for the economic growth of Africa cannot be underestimated. Clemens Weitz, CEO of ROAM adds: “Jobs classifieds have enormous potential to accelerate inclusion and economic prosperity. Both jobseekers and employers benefit from vastly improved decision making, lifting economies as a whole. We have come a long way, and it is therefore especially gratifying to see our investment grow rapidly.”

About ROAM and ROAM Jobs

ROAM Jobs is part of the ROAM Group (“Ringier One Africa Media”), the leading digital classifieds group in Sub Saharan Africa. Unified by its mission to connect Africans to opportunities and be Africa’s most user centric marketplace company, it operates across eight Sub Saharan countries. ROAM Jobs operates in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana. It operates with a multi-brand strategy, including Jobberman in West Africa, Brightermonday in East Africa and The African Talent Company with a global strategy.


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