Kenya has continued to face the wrath of deforestation and forest degradation for years now. These effects are clear as the country is experiencing severe drought in some part of the country and even water shortage. As a result, the government suspended logging in the country for a period of 90 days to allow reassessment of the forest cover in the country. Citizens have been encouraged to plant as many trees as possible to correct the damages before it is too late.  In honouring this call, PigiaMe Brand joined hands with Safiri Nasi , Tour Operations Society of Kenya and Golf Adventures Kenya to mitigate the deforestation crisis by planting and sponsoring 500 trees at Ndakaini Dam.

Ndakaini dam has a capacity of close to 70 million cubic meters of water and is the main source of water supply for Nairobi residents catering to 75% of Nairobi’s water needs. The dam is approximately 60 meters deep. The initiative, dubbed #WalktheGreenTalk campaign was successful and everyone had fun being part of a very good cause.

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