Are Your Employees Happy? ROAM Jobs releases research on employee satisfaction in Africa

ROAM Africa Jobs, the jobs arm of Ringier One Africa Media, has undertaken research across the region to release insights on employee satisfaction across East and West Africa. Through the release of Employee Satisfaction Reports that unpack employee satisfaction in the region, the analysis reveals the worrying mismatch between what employees want and what employers can provide.

This reality has caused millions of workers worldwide to resign from their jobs, demanding better pay, remote work options, good working conditions and work-life balance. The trend christened “The Great Resignation” is giving employees the upper hand and as a result, employers are facing a massive talent crunch.

In response to this trend, the Jobs teams undertook research revealing compelling insights to help employers in the region amplify employee satisfaction. Jobberman Nigeria’s Employee Satisfaction Report’ captures expectations and workplace satisfaction data of over 2,700 employees from various industries and job categories. It revealed that lack of flexibility, insufficient benefits and toxic work-culture are major reasons why staff are quitting their jobs.

In the Jobberman Ghana’s Report, the research shows that 49% of employees in the country are likely to leave their current employer in the next 6 months, 13% say they do not have plans of leaving their employers while 38% of Ghanaian employees say they are not sure of leaving or staying with their current employer.

The Kenya Employee Satisfaction Report 2021 on its part shows that 90% of the 1,760  respondents sampled believe job satisfaction increases their job productivity while less than half of those surveyed are happy with their current employer. Regarding organisational flight risk and employer advocacy by gender, the report shows that men are slightly happier with their employer but pose a slightly higher flight risk than women.  This means they are more likely to leave their employer. 43% of them are happy but 55% are willing to leave their job. On the flip side, 54% of women said they are willing to leave their current employer while 42% are happy with their current role.

Meanwhile in Uganda, the employee satisfaction report shows that 80% are most likely to recommend their current employer while 49% of respondents said they are likely to leave their current employer in the next six months. Like Kenya, the report reveals that employee satisfaction goes beyond salary expectations and most shared that a company’s strong relatable values and goals matter to them.

Across the region, both men and women pose a high flight risk, which could mean they are in search of higher-paying and career-accelerating opportunities to take their career to the next level. Moreover, traits relating to finances and welfare/benefits are prevalent among respondents across all locations which may be due to the impact of the pandemic as COVID-19 has heightened employees’ financial stress, hence financial wellness and employee benefits are crucial for employees’ survival.

According to ROAM Jobs Managing Director Hilda Kragha, as organisations continue to navigate the new world of work, employee satisfaction remains a fundamental aspect in the workplace.

“Employee satisfaction is crucial because most employees spend a significant portion of their life working. This insightful research explored and analysed feedback based on age, gender, location, job level and work experience for a demographic overview to provide insights business leaders and HR personnel can use to guide them in building strong employee engagement systems and as a result, boost overall long-term organisational success.” Hilda said.

The reports, which serves as a call-to-action for employers to evaluate the fundamental factors that foster employee satisfaction, also provides crucial market insights which can be used as a guideline to prioritise employee satisfaction in the workplace and improve productivity. The full reports are free for download on:

Jobberman Nigeria: 

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