Jobberman Nigeria Signs Partnership Agreement with UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited

Jobberman Nigeria has officially signed a partnership agreement with UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited (GenU) to support its workforce readiness programme. 

The programme is targeted at young people, especially those from marginalized communities with particular emphasis on girls between the ages of 15 and 24 years. The partnership is set to be a huge boost to increased skills and livelihood opportunities for young people in Nigeria.

In order to fulfill this mandate, Jobberman has made a commitment to reach one million young Nigerians with upskilling opportunities and support at least 80,000 young job seekers to gain access to decent work onboard the Youth Agency Market Place (YOMA)..

This will be achieved through collaborative effort of Jobberman and GenU that will see to the:

  1. Upskilling 500,000 young Nigerians using Jobberman’s bespoke Soft-Skills Curriculum that covers modules such as; Personal Effectiveness and Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Creative Thinking, Business Etiquette, Creativity and idea generation
  2. The placement of 80,000 jobseekers in dignified work (through the Yoma Platform) such as internships, gig work, and full-time roles across the Agricultural, technology, creative and other sectors through democratic access to jobs.
  3. Reviewing research on youth development programs and jointly identify strategies and practices to shape the development of young people in positive ways.
  4. Execution of youth engagement programs such as Webinars, Workshops, job fairs.

As part of efforts toward the inclusion and increased participation of young women and girls, Jobberman will also create specific programs specially tailored to reach the women in order to bridge the gender gap in the workplace. 

With this partnership in motion, GenUNigeria is one step closer to achieving its goal of supporting 20 million young Nigerians with connectivity and digital skills, skills for employability and entrepreneurship, as well as active participation by 2030.

Jobberman Nigeria’s CEO, Rolake Rosiji, and #GenUNigeria’s Secretariat Lead & Chief of UNICEF Lagos office, Celine Lafoucriere formally signed the partnership MOU in Lagos on December 1st, 2021. Also present was David Mbelu, Head of Partnerships, Jobberman Nigeria.

GenU is an initiative of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) launched in September 2018, in collaboration with over 200 partners. It has reached to date, more than 100 million young people through innovations and programmes in some 40 countries across six continents.

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