BrighterMonday champions for emotional intelligence in regional EQ summit

For many, Covid19 has been upsetting, but also for some, it’s been a catalyst for change. What will we change toward? and what is the role of emotional intelligence (EQ) in this?

As some countries mark Mental Health Awareness month, there has been an important conversation in the workspace about the mental strength of employees as well as those seeking opportunities.

BrighterMonday has been part of this significant discussion, calling on businesses and HR managers to review the workplace environment and put in place strategies to support mental health among staff.

Further to this, BrighterMonday Kenya CEO Emmanuel Mutuma shared his thoughts at a regional Emotional Intelligence summit held in October. Spearheaded by Mucha Mlingo Lead Changemaker, PTS AfricaThe three-day conference featured various leaders and delegates to discuss the alignment between IQ and EQ.

Speaking during the virtual session, Emmanuel Mutuma noted that having employees at their optimal is critical as it helps businesses grow. It also enables staff to reach their potential and achieve fulfillment in their careers. “It is critical for businesses to ensure employees understand the direction the organization is taking and find a way to use this to motivate them to achieve their professional goals. Moreover, training and development for our staff goes a long way: investing in people will ensure they give their best and this way, the business prospers,” said Emmanuel.

He further highlighted BrighterMonday’s research on millennials and the workplace which revealed that young professionals want to have relatable values with the companies. They also need to be connected to the vision of the organization and they appreciate open communication and recognition.

The Summit also featured renowned experts who taught participants how to enhance their productivity on a personal and career level. Delegates were encouraged to redefine their purpose and find the motivation from within to push towards their big career goals. Participants also learnt the emotional intelligence framework to help them successfully surf the wave of change, for career success even amidst the pandemic.

Through such partnerships, BrighterMonday will continue to campaign for creating and achieving work-life balance and strong emotional intelligence. As the firm continues to research and gather relevant market insights both for businesses and career professionals, beneficiaries will better understand the needs of today’s marketplace and effectively connect professionals and employers.

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