Rosebella Abok – Head of Customer Programs –

When Rosebella joined Kenyan jobs website BrighterMonday in February 2020, she was given several clear objectives: set up a Voice of the Customer programme; improve the onboarding process for the site’s self-serve customers; and improve advertiser retention. 

Having conducted some initial customer journey mapping, Rosebella identified key moments of truth for the customer, and embedded surveys and call listening as means to capture the customers’ voice, which was then analysed qualitatively and quantitatively, and visualised and shared  across the business. It was as a result of this improved capture of feedback that – with the pandemic changing customer behaviours – Rosebella and her team were able to quickly acknowledge the need for more communication, leading to the launch of the company’s use of Whatsapp and Webchat as proactive channels for customers.

Meanwhile, training and workshops were rolled out across the company to ensure that the core tenets of customer experience management were understood, and membership of ICX Kenya helped to build recognition of CX as an agenda item in the boardroom. NPS training and workshops for the organisation were also held as an awareness initiative, while work with the organisation’s business intelligence team has enabled the establishment of new dashboards that visualises NPS trends for colleagues. 

Rosebella and her team also collaborated with key stakeholders to introduce customer rooms – allowing them to drill down into feedback and take ownership of website signups, ramping up customer onboarding by refining process and targets, and adding innovations such as video walkthroughs. As a certified customer journey architect, Rosebella also ensures that mapping is periodically reviewed, with this work also utilised by the product and marketing teams to eailor solutions and communications to all internal and external customers and partners. 

Job advertiser retention has subsequently risen dramatically, while lead conversion rates are up, all having a major impact on revenue. Customer feedback response rates have also risen as a result of Rosebella’s innovations while NPS is improving. 

Kenya is an emerging market, where digital marketplaces and startups are now having their hubs in Nairobi. My working at BrighterMonday to uphold CX tenets and driving cross-functional collaboration has brought new light to how the business operates.

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