Cheki is now able to provide up to 100% car financing

Buying a car is one thing and maintaining it is another. Our Car brand Cheki not only provides a marketplace for car buyers and sellers to meet and transact but we also take great strides towards providing an end-to-end car-buying solution to our customers.

Cheki is now able to provide up to 100% car financing designed to effectively meet the financing needs of car buyers in Kenya. This service is being offered by Cheki Kenya in collaboration with major Kenyan banks.

Cheki Finance provides car buyers with quick car loans for the purchase of Kenyan-used cars, foreign used cars, or brand new cars that are listed on

And that is not all, Cheki has taken a further step to provide a hassle-free Kenyan comprehensive car insurance with a fast and friendly claims processes

Sneak peek at what the engine rave is about….

To keep up with ROAM’s innovation momentum in the marketplace, Cheki Kenya is in the process of researching and publishing a Digital Price Index that will provide great insights for measuring changes in the cost of living in order to determine the wage increases necessary to maintain a constant standard of living.

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