Customer Service: The main ingredient to ROAM’s success

This year has been a year of innovation and flexibility especially for us at ROAM. The month of March brought about the COVID-19 pandemic which created an unprecedented shift in the way we live. 

Amongst all of the craziness, we became stronger and explored new ways to thrive. We were pushed into a reality of uncertainty and so were our customers. One thing we have learnt over time is that customer service isn’t just the job of our customer service department and representatives, it is the job of every employee from the intern all the way to the CEO. 

Which is why this year, we clearly defined one priority – to prove to be a reliable partner, before, during and after Covid-19. 

Six months later, we are still here, pushing harder and growing stronger than ever before. In an industry built on people and relationships, we have successfully humanized each conversation to understand and build connections with every customer. This isn’t the work of the Customer service team alone, it is a result of everyone’s effort in “The Dream Team”.

Here are some personal words from the Captain of our dream team, Clemens Weitz –

Let’s keep on keeping on. ROAM is proof that there can truly be “Unity in Adversity”, as long as you have a dream team. Customers are the heart of any successful business because we are in business for their business.

Always remember that good customer service begins with you – any department and every department.

Happy Customer Service Week!

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