Pigiame comes to the rescue of Merchants with JengaBiz campaign!

We have come to see significant growth in online shopping in the past year. The Covid 19 Pandemic has contributed significantly to this. People have continuously opted to stay home, work from home and order items online. Convenience and reliability are2 valued more and more by consumers.

This sudden unavoidable change affected business owners who mainly depended on their physical stores to make sales. Many sellers wanted to take their businesses online after a fall in walk-in customers.

PigiaMe came to the rescue with the #JengaBiz Na PigiaMe Campaign (Build your business)
This campaign was targeted towards sellers, small or large scale with the aim of giving them the opportunity to market their products and business online through the PigiaMe platform.

We also launched the PigiaMe Seller Handbook: A guide on how to start selling online. It educates anyone who is looking to start a business on the key steps to starting a business online. 

This was supported by offline advertising such as bus wrap branding, billboards, Uber branding etc.

Our sellers were key stakeholders. We partnered with them to advertise their businesses through our campaign. This resulted in the following:

  • Demonstrated social proof
  • Enhanced partnerships and loyalty
  • Showed support for our client’s businesses

Our merchants had positive things to say about this campaign. They saw:

  • An increase in sales
  • An increase in calls from colleagues asking how they can also advertise on Pigiame (FOMO from other businesses)
  • The advantages of online advertising which resulted to more paying client boost their ads on PigiaMe

Some Client Testimonials:

  • KatieMaks Fashion: Link 
  • Cycle Africa Bikes: Link

From the #JengBiz Campaign we managed to attain a: 

  • 30% Increase in Google Searches for Pigiame branded search terms from 175,910 in the first of the year to 228,055 in the second half
  • 107% Increase in Organic Non-SCS New listings from a total of 123,462 in the first half of the year to a total of 255,657 in the second half of the year.
  • 31% Increase in Organic Sessions from 2,139,361 in the first half of the year to 3,115,047 in the second half during the campaign
  • 31% Increase in Organic Leads from 338,686 to 445,888

Covid 19 continues to have a negative effect on the economy. The 3rd wave is here. Kenya has been on lockdown since last month. Businessmen and women continue to weep. 

We do our best to support sellers as much as we can, We continue to create brand awareness, encouraging people to shop online with our online #StaySafe Campaign, better our site often so as to provide value to sellers.

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